Breanna’s passion is to empower others in overcoming obstacles to help heal and improve overall wellness in their lives. Her gentle and encouraging approach fosters a safe environment to explore thoughts, feelings and unique life experiences. With a focus on strengths and solutions, there is a collaboration to bring about and maintain positive change.

As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a Licensed Clinical Alcohol and Drug Counselor, Breanna has had extensive direct experience with a variety of treatment areas including substance use, depression, anxiety, trauma, communication barriers, boundaries, grief and loss, life transitions, spirituality, adoption, school refusal, anger management, impulsivity, healthy attachment and other mental health and familial matters. Breanna is also a school social worker, a sand play therapist and a Reiki practitioner.

Breanna has studied and provided social service work across seas in Romania working with children in orphanages and children on the autism spectrum. She has trained in Costa Rica utilizing equine facilitated learning to support others in embracing vulnerability to connect with blocks to joy.

Sand Play Therapy is a hands on expressive therapy intervention. This powerful technique involves connecting insights to feelings through symbolism and play, reflecting our inner reality. This method gives children a voice and enables adults to address problematic patterns from their past. Sand play stimulates our natural ability to heal while simultaneously processing our trauma.

Reiki, also known as energy healing, is a Japanese technique to promote healing through relaxation. Reiki improves our physical and emotional wellbeing by sending restorative energy through the body and shifting our energy into balance. Reiki supports in clearing negative energy passageways by raising awareness in and around the physical body where such negativity is confined. She also aligns chakras, the body’s energy centers, to release energy blocks.