Leigh is an amazing therapist as are the therapists in her group. The thing that stands out the most is how professional they are and how committed they are. I never felt judged and highly respect the work they do.
Leigh is a wonderful therapist and has helped my family so much. She is such a good person and you never feel judged. It is so easy to relax around her and she is so good at the work she does. I felt so safe and I never left her office without feeling like I got a lot out of the session. My family is a tough family and she handled everything we threw at her with grace. The psychiatrist at her office is great too and it was great to have everything in one place. He is very knowledgible and actually listens and lets you call him. For the first time we actually had a therapist and psychiatrist who would return calls and really cared. It never felt like it was just money to them. Leigh really works with the psychiatrist like a team and it really helped us a lot. Everything felt very professional and warm.
My family had a wonderful experience with this group. My brother went to many therapists over time and I saw him struggle over and over again with therapists who just didn't get it or wanted to fit him into their mold. This is the first place where my entire family felt heard and not judged. It was also great having a psychiatrist within the group because everything was done in one place and the therapists and psychiatrists all worked together to help my brother and family. We are all grateful for The Kraft Group. We feel very blessed to have found it. My brother is doing amazing! We recommend The Kraft Group to anyone who is looking for quality therapists.
I have had many years of therapy due to family issues and have experienced many different therapists and practices. One thing that stands out the most for me about Leigh is her honesty. She has always gone out of her way to be forthcoming on all issues regarding the treatment my family was receiving. At first I found the Intake packet annoying because it is so extensive but I realized that it was just so all information pertaining to treatment and how things are handled are spelled out from day one to avoid any misunderstandings. That is one of the reasons I found a previous review very confusing. Everything is in writing. I guess some people dont bother reading what they sign or look for things to pick on. I have really benefited from my sessions as have my family members. Trust is hard for me due to negative past experiences but I can trust Leigh and feel a lot of comfort in that. My family has overcome some serious hard times and could not have done so without her.
Leigh helped save my life. Not only is she an excellent counselor, but she actually cares. There's a good chance that the negative reviews could be from those who simply were not ready to recover, it happens.
Leigh is a dedicated and caring therapist - her professional expertise, deep experience and empathy put me at ease immediately. The trust she builds is based on the compassion she feels for those in her care
Leigh is an amazing therapist. She works hard to help you through any issue you are having. I really feel like I can trust her and that her office is my safe place. She is great with family issues too and willing to work with everyone involved to get someone where they need to go. She also doesnt make you feel like there is only one right way. She offers you choices and is open to hearing your point of view and totally respects you. Leigh and Stephanie saved my marriage.
I have seen many therapists and in my opinion Leigh is amazing. She is not someone to go to if you dont want to be honest or work on yourself but if you are someone who wants your money's worth she is the go to person. High end high class treatment. Very impressed. Very happy I found her.