Leigh and all the therapists in the Kraft Group are amazing. The thing that stands out the most is how professional they are and how committed they are. I never felt judged and highly respect the work they do. I am very thankful for all of the positive changes they have helped me make in my personal and professional life.


I have had nothing but wonderful experiences with everyone at the kraft group. I have seen Stephanie for couples therapy and my work with her saved my marriage and I worked with David for career counseling and he really helped me no longer feel stuck and really helped me make a major career change. prior to that change he provided me the most productive Executive Coaching I have ever had. He was a positive force pushing me forward the entire time. I worked with Leigh on family work and found her to be amazing as well. What I like the most about this practice is how you really feel like a person and not one of many. I have had other therapists and worked with other coaches and it never felt like the focus was me. It really felt like they wanted me to fit their way of doing things rather than adjusting and creating a plan based on my needs. I really feel like the people I worked with were not only all very honest but never used pre-prescribed methods that they would use with everyone. I really felt heard and have greatly benefited from everyone I have worked with there. I also like that it is a one stop shop so to speak. I dont have to go all over the place to get all my needs met. They have a solid team there and everyone is very professional.


I have been through many therapy practices due to my daughters issues. I have never been as impressed as I have been with this practice. The practice is so professional and they all go above and beyond for the clients. I am so impressed and feel so comfortable working with them. Not once have I felt judged as a parent or felt that my daughter was being judged. I have very high standards and they have surpassed them all. We are 9/11 survivors and have never received such amazing trauma treatment as we have here. Thank you so much.


I am a current client of the Kraft group and I am very pleased with the work that I have been doing with my therapist Stephanie Zeman. She is very professional as well as helpful in aiding in my progress and goals I set out to achieve through her program. I would highly recommend her expertise.


Leigh is a dedicated and caring therapist - her professional expertise, deep experience and empathy put me at ease immediately. The trust she builds is based on the compassion she feels for those in her care.


I have worked professionally with Leigh and her team several times. We have worked collaboratively to ensure the clients receive the best and most appropriate care. It has always gone smoothly. We really enjoy working with her and would recommend the Kraft Group.


I have been very happy at the Kraft group. I have worked with breanna and find her to be an amazing therapist. She has a strong grasp on every aspect of counseling and can work someone through family issues to addiction to depression or even marital stress. I had a positive experience from day one. For one the office is not only gorgeous but very relaxing and a real calming environment. Everyone that works there are helpful and very warm. I love the team approach so I can meet with breanna and my husband can meet with David and we can set things up at the same time so we only need to worry about child care once. I k ow my husband is crazy about david who has helped him through a lot of anxiety and anger issues and I could not have gotten this far without a breanna. She is a true gem.


My experience at the Kraft Group has been great so far. I had called inquiring about therapy and the warm welcome to services helped me feel confident in asking for help. I had first spoke to Leigh, who walked me through the therapy process, to which after my assessment I was transitioned to work with the Clinical Director, Stephanie. Because of the dedication these therapists provide, I feel able to overcome my struggles.



As many of you have been getting inundated with emails about COVID-19 we received a very helpful one which actually helps to reduce anxiety.

We were granted permission by The Meadows to share it with the public.