Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

The Kraft Group offers solution-focused, customized Executive Coaching to professionals in need of targeted coaching outside their organization, firm, or practice. Hiring an external Executive Coach provides an opportunity for unbiased assessment, mediation, and open communication to occur while building a framework for growth and success. Using a strengths-based and interactive coaching approach, we will start with a comprehensive consultation to understand both the client(s)’ goals and larger needs of the organization or practice; which may include additional consultations with other relevant colleagues, direct reports, management, human resources, or other appropriate parties. Once all feedback and expectations are set, each coaching session is thereafter tailored to meet the established business outcomes.

For more information on Executive Coaching and packages available, please contact The Kraft Group at: 973-727-1597

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The Kraft Group, Inc.

At the Kraft Group, we believe our clients flourish in an environment free from shame and judgment.

We provide an alternative for those who require intensive treatment but are not comfortable with the traditional model. We can customize treatment to meet each client and families schedule and confidentiality needs.


As many of you have been getting inundated with emails about COVID-19 we received a very helpful one which actually helps to reduce anxiety.

We were granted permission by The Meadows to share it with the public.