Sex and Love Addiction

Sex and Love Addiction

The root of all addiction is pain. At The Kraft Group we don't just treat the addiction, we treat the underlying pain.

The licensed professionals at The Kraft Group in Florham Park, NJ, work with clients in a compassionate way to help them outline healthy vs. unhealthy sexual behaviors. We work on teaching the individual how to tolerate their feelings so they don't self medicate by acting out sexually. The goal is after a short period of abstinence to teach clients how to re-engage in their sexual health and recovery plan. The Kraft Group also works with clients suffering from sexual anorexia as we view sex addiction and sexual anorexia both as intimacy disorders. Most intimacy disorders stem from trauma so we utilize a trauma focused approach at treatment. We utilize the training of Patrick and Stephanie Carnes in dealing with both the addict and the partner. We also work with clients and their partners when the time comes to develop healthy sexual relationships following the Patrick Carnes training and models of healthy sexuality.

Often the addicts are the focus of treatment and the partner's pain is overlooked or seen as secondary. We firmly believe that they both need to be treated simultaneously. The Kraft Group utilizes a team approach to treatment and conjoint couple’s therapy providing couples healing simultaneously with each partner having the security of their own individual therapist present to guide them through the process. The Kraft Group utilizes the teaching of Dr. Stephanie Carnes who is one of the leading voices on healthy sexuality and recovery for partners of sex addicts to help partners move beyond heartbreak, anger, shame, and feelings of isolation and betrayal to feelings of clarity and peace to help restore their lives.

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