I have worked with Leigh Kolodny-Kraft for many years and she has proven to be one of the most insightful and compassionate therapists I have come across in my 15+ years in this field. Leigh always puts her client's needs first, making herself available when needed. She is well versed and trained in topics ranging from substance abuse/addiction to trauma issues; sex addiction to mental health issues. Rest assured, the patient's needs will be accurately assessed and addressed by this highly skilled therapist and her team of professionals at the Kraft Group.
Leigh has dedicated her professional life to helping individuals and families deal with the disease of addiction. When no one else is able to reach my child, she can. Leigh's work with the individual extends to the entire family. The trust she builds with each and every person she works with is based on the compassion she feels for those in her care, and she goes above and beyond on a daily basis. As difficult a time as this has been for our family, Leigh's dedication to all our well being gives us continued hope and support.

Leigh has endless dedication to her clients. Our family spent years grappling with the disease of addiction and worked with many professionals in the field, but was unable to achieve any level of stability. With Leigh's patient guidance, and thorough knowledge of addiction, she helped me understand my role in the family dynamic. I learned to how support my family, while setting the boundaries necessary to live a healthier, more sane life.

My family is in a much better place today, thanks to Leigh and her Group's, understanding and compassion.

Leigh and all the therapists in the Kraft Group are amazing. The thing that stands out the most is how professional they are and how committed they are. I never felt judged and highly respect the work they do. I am very thankful for all of the positive changes they have helped me make in my personal and professional life.
Leigh is an outstanding therapist who combines compassion and skill to help her clients heal. She has dedicated her career to helping individual who have suffered from addiction and trauma find their path to recovery. She understands that not one size fits all and she approaches each client as an individual, meeting them where they are. I highly recommend her if you are looking for a consummate professional that cares deeply for those that are suffering.

Leigh is AMAZING and so dedicated. Her dedication and professionalism shows in her staff and all ways that The Kraft Group runs. Even the front office staff is professional and delightful. The groups are amazing and creative. They are well run. Everyone I have referred have been just as delighted as me and my family.


My sister had a wonderful experience with this company. Everyone was super friendly and caring. It took her a while to find a place to go, had some not so good experiences, and finally found the perfect place with The Kraft group. I would recommend this place to anyone in need of therapeutic help.