I have nothing but positive things to say about all the therapists at The Kraft Group.I left awhile back because I was not happy with my therapist but that therapist is no longer there so I decided to return. I have worked with both Leigh and Stephanie dealing with betrayal issues. Leigh did an amazing job helping me work through the trauma of my husbands affairs and Stephanie has done a great job helping my husband and I learn how to communicate better with one another and work through issues in a more productive way. I feel silly for leaving in the first place but I did not want to have to see the old therapist. I found out through the grapevine that she is no longer employed there so I returned right away. I am very glad that I did because I have gained so much from the practice. The thing that stands out the most to me is that everyone currently there is so professional and really cares. I really feel valued and safe in couples sessions. I have been able to work through my anger and move forward. I also appreciate the fact that I am provided an opportunity to really work on my stuff as is my husband. I really could not stand constant worksheets. I felt like i could just buy a book. However, the therapy I now get is the best and without it I bet I would be divorced by now. You guys saved us.