I have been to many therapists and shopped around. I finally found my home at the Kraft group. I have never felt so respected and safe as I have there. I was sent there by a friend after I complained to them about my previous bad experiences. I was hesitant at first because honestly a lot of therapists/social workers or whatever the degree are a dime a dozen and don’t really care. I never feel that here. I really like Leigh. I understand she stated the place and I have been so impressed with her knowledge and honest care. You can see it in the other therapists as wel. David goes out of his way to help and is the first man I have ever felt comfortable talking to. He is so calming. It has been very good for me to be in a place where I can feel safe around a man. He is working with me doing EMDR and Leigh is working with me through my trauma. The Kraft group is my safe place. I never feel judged or unsafe. The best practice ever.