I have had nothing but wonderful experiences with everyone at the kraft group. I have seen Stephanie for couples therapy and my work with her saved my marriage and I worked with David for career counseling and he really helped me no longer feel stuck and really helped me make a major career change. prior to that change he provided me the most productive Executive Coaching I have ever had. He was a positive force pushing me forward the entire time. I worked with Leigh on family work and found her to be amazing as well. What I like the most about this practice is how you really feel like a person and not one of many. I have had other therapists and worked with other coaches and it never felt like the focus was me. It really felt like they wanted me to fit their way of doing things rather than adjusting and creating a plan based on my needs. I really feel like the people I worked with were not only all very honest but never used pre-prescribed methods that they would use with everyone. I really felt heard and have greatly benefited from everyone I have worked with there. I also like that it is a one stop shop so to speak. I dont have to go all over the place to get all my needs met. They have a solid team there and everyone is very professional.