I have had many years of therapy due to family issues and have experienced many different therapists and practices. One thing that stands out the most for me about Leigh is her honesty. She has always gone out of her way to be forthcoming on all issues regarding the treatment my family was receiving. At first I found the Intake packet annoying because it is so extensive but I realized that it was just so all information pertaining to treatment and how things are handled are spelled out from day one to avoid any misunderstandings. That is one of the reasons I found a previous review very confusing. Everything is in writing. I guess some people dont bother reading what they sign or look for things to pick on. I have really benefited from my sessions as have my family members. Trust is hard for me due to negative past experiences but I can trust Leigh and feel a lot of comfort in that. My family has overcome some serious hard times and could not have done so without her.