I am in the medical profession so I needed to work with a true subject expert. I also needed the upmost confidentiality. This is only my second time ever writing a review but in the case of my work with Leigh it warrants the time and effort. Leigh is a true subject matter expert. Not only has she helped with issues with a family member of mine but I often reach out to her for issues relating to my own patients struggles. She is willing to help even if I don’t necessarily send one her way. She has always been honest with me , advocates for her patients and really understands how important evidence based practice is and how to apply her subject matter expertise appropriately. I have referred many patients of mine to her. All have loved her and reported back that they felt they could trust her, she spent time explaining services to them and is great when needing to place clients in a higher level of care. Very honest about it too. She doesn’t try to hold onto a patient just to keep the money coming in. One thing that stands out the most is how honest she is. She really puts the patients needs first. Very smart woman.