Stephanie assists in the development of internal motivation to identify individual strengths for overcoming personal barriers through a holistic approach. As a system’s therapist, Stephanie believes that it is integral to identify both internal and external systems when working with each client. Not only is her aspiration to provide a non-judgmental environment for individuals, couples and families to process concerns, but also to provide guidance in the development of healthy relationships, starting with achieving confidence and value in self.

Stephanie’s integrative approach allows individuals and couples to openly discuss concerns with their sexual functioning, expression and trauma. Stephanie’s view of trauma is an unplanned, alteration in a prospective life journey that may hinder the sense of safety, self-worth, identity or engagement in relationships. She helps clients to develop and strengthen coping mechanisms through psychotherapy from a Bowenian approach, utilizing cognitive behavioral therapy and inner-child exploration coupled with experiential sessions, in processing through distressing situations, reflecting on past negative an positive experiences or experiencing sexual aversion.

Stephanie started working in the therapeutic field as a specialist for substance abuse and other addictive behaviors. Throughout her practice, it became evident that addictive behaviors often branch from other underlying struggles, such as betrayal, abandonment, disability and many more, each classified as a traumatic experience. It became a primary goal of Stephanie’s to create a treatment plan individualized to client needs, instead of molding a client’s needs to a treatment approach. From this exploration Stephanie began to specialize in various populations outside of the spectrum of addiction.

She is highly qualified and holds experience working with families, young adults and adults struggling with anxiety, infidelity, relationship issues, sexual abuse, substance dependence, developmentally disabled adults, LGBTQ, Polyamorous and Introduction to Kink. Her extensive resources for a client in need of non-clinical support emphasizes holistic care specific to relational and sexuality-related topics to normalize self-exploration. Stephanie is also certified in and utilizes Pet Therapy for both verbal and non-verbal clients upon request.

In addition to being an active member of the National Association of Social Workers and the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists, Stephanie completed a fellowship-training program through the Meadows for working with Sex Addiction. Stephanie is a Licensed Social Worker and a Licensed Clinical Alcohol and Drug Counselor, who served in the New Jersey Army National Guard for seven years. She accomplished her undergraduate education in Psychology at Daniel Webster College, her Master of Social Work at Rutgers University and is currently a PhD. Candidate in Human Sexuality Studies at Widener University with a focus on sexual trauma. She works with the full spectrum of issues ranging from needed Sex Therapy to personal empowerment and self-advocacy for individuals and couples using Cognitive and Bowenian approaches in addition to Internal Family Systems (IFS) modalities and external family system approaches, to assist in developing a complete understanding of cognitive functioning and processes.