Philip’s recovery began over 20 years ago on his 35th birthday. That day marked the last mind altering substance he put into his body and began the gradual healing process that he maintains to this day. Finding on his journey that he also was a codependent and an enabler, he faced those issues as well. Using individual and group counseling, AA, NA, CODA, Al-Anon, ACA, GA, and becoming a student in The Course in Miracles, he has been able to grow, nurture, and maintain a healthy way of being.

Phil Kelly entered the field of addiction recovery as an interventionist and has been on the front lines of alcohol and drug addiction throughout the United States and abroad. Presently, he has been the catalyst of change via more than 300 interventions, helping families learn to begin their healing process. His background in all 12 step programs and SMART Recovery has turned out to be invaluable with his work in helping those suffering with addictions.

Philip has completed the Johnson Model Training, is certified as a Breakthrough Interventionist (CBI), and is familiar with the Arise Model as well as many other methods of interventions. He is a Certified Intervention Professional (CIP). He is skilled as a Sober Companion to help those learning how to stay sober through the transition of returning home after treatment. He has safely transported hundreds of loved ones to the facility that was chosen for them.

His instincts in the heat of the moment are phenomenal; his calm and peaceful demeanor is contagious, especially in times of upset. His passion to help others has always been essential to him. The field of addiction is where he is most comfortable; helping families that are similar to the one in which he grew up. His background in intense therapy and multiple recovery programs is an asset to the work he does helping individuals and their families suffering with addiction begin to recover and heal.

Philip boasts one of the highest success rates in the industry and it doesn’t stop there! After your loved one enters treatment, Phil follows them throughout the treatment process and well into aftercare. He also provides sober coaching to individuals and their families.