Joann Lee Anderson, MSW,LSW,CAC,CCTP,CSAT-C is a licensed social worker, certified addictions counselor and trauma therapist. She is also a certified sexual addiction therapist. Joann graduated from Columbia University with a Masters in Social Work (advanced standing) in 1987 with emphasis in industrial Social Work counseling for employee assistance programs in business and corporations.

Joann has extensive education, training and experience in the field of chemical abuse/addiction and behavioral addictions to gambling, food, internet and sexual acting out. Joann has post graduate training from the Ackerman Family Institute and in Gestalt Theory, psychodynamic therapies and mindfulness stress reduction. Joann’s experience ranges over thirty years in the field from employee assistance programs, addiction rehabilitation settings to hospital based detoxification and psychiatric programs. She has been a certified psychiatric Screener for the State of NJ and worked in private, not for profit mental health agencies as a psychotherapist.

Joann is known for her warm, relaxed and supportive approach to therapy. Her approach integrates various therapies geared towards the individual needs of each client, couple or family. Her approach involves genuine caring, sympathy, acceptance and non-judgement. Joann understands the courage and strength required to seek therapy and feels blessed and fortunate to work with each client on their journey. Joann works with clients from a strength-based positive and affirming perspective. She treats a wide range of issues including substance abuse/addiction, behavioral addictions such as shopping, exercising and sexual addiction, depression, anxiety, other mental disorders, unresolved emotional issues, trauma and post-traumatic stress, low self-esteem, grief and loss, relationship/family concerns creating more meaning and purpose in one’s life therefore living a more fulfilled life. Joann’s specialties include victims of sexual abuse/incest, eating disorders, codependency, children of addiction, separation and divorce, sexual addiction and their partners, betrayal trauma and chronic pain.

Joann has dedicated her life to helping others improve their lives and she considers it to be a privilege to be invited into my clients’ inner lives and to accompany them on their journey through healing, change and self-empowerment.

Joann currently works with individuals and families. She currently offers groups in sexual addiction and partners, women’s issues, relapse prevention, and chronic pain.