David is not only the Chief Operations Officer at the Kraft Group; he is also a highly skilled and seasoned counselor too. David comes to The Kraft Group with a wealth of knowledge and the ability to naturally put people at ease. David has a multitude of sills and training that he utilizes to help individualize the counseling and coaching he does with each person he works with. David operates from the belief that all humans are inherently good people and demonstrates that with the consistent unconditional positive regard he brings to each session.

David’s lifelong mission has been to ‘assist individuals and groups to make healthier decisions’; he has lived true to this mission as a military Firefighter, University Professor, Human Resource executive, Clinician, Coach, and now with The Kraft Group. David has traveled, taught and practiced in many global locations; this diverse experience has influenced his treatment philosophy greatly. While grounded in solution-focused, strengths-based treatment, David holistically works with the individual, couple, family or group to be able to adaptively respond within their environment in a healthier manner. David works with clients to assess, diagnose and treat mental illness, psychological disorders, family problems, issues that are a cause of social or occupational disruption and to increase social justice issues the client(s) have.

David is a Veteran of the United States Air Force, his undergraduate education was accomplished at Rutgers University, his Masters Degree is from New York University, he has extensive postgraduate training, and he is currently a Ph.D. candidate at Walden University. Upon completion of extensive research and course work in Judeo-Christian studies at Oxford University David became an ordained non-denominational minister and Christian Counselor.

David’s areas of interest are: Faith and Religion, First Responder Treatment, Crisis Management, Multicultural Social Work, working with domestic violence abusers, Men’s Issues, providing a healthy workplace, Stage of Life and Career Transition, and Social Justice. David has over 30 years experience in a variety of for profit, non-for-profit, governmental, corporate, social service and academic settings.