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Can Kids With Autism Crack—and Understand—Jokes?

The Kraft Group's Clinical Director Stephanie Zeman was interviewed as a subject expert for everyday health magazine: My son occasionally does stand-up, and has brought down the house. Jordon Hollow performing at Scotty’s Comedy Cove in Springfield, New Jersey. Photo Courtesy of Steven M. Hollow For someone on the autism spectrum, reading social cues can…
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The Hidden Link Between Autism and Addiction

A phenomenal article by Maia Szalavitz, a neuroscience journalist. Her work has also appeared on Time. She is the co-author of Why Empathy Is Essential — and Endangered. It’s believed that people on the spectrum don’t get hooked on alcohol or other drugs. New evidence suggests they do. Shane Stoner’s addiction began in 2008. He lost a factory…
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