Adult Children of Alcoholics and Addicts

The root of all addiction is pain. At The Kraft Group we don't just treat the addiction, we treat the underlying pain.

"It’s not about filling seats but rather what the client needs."

Small group for those who have grown up either in a household where a parent or guardian used alcohol and/or drugs and there was a negative impact on you. Adult children of alcoholic/addicts have traits which can lead to difficulties living their own lives. We are often guessing what is normal, feel different from others and have difficulty with intimate relationships. Learn how to identify symptoms of ACOA behaviors and thought processes and how to understand the behaviors and beliefs that have kept you in bondage and how to live a healthy and fulfilled life of your own.

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The Kraft Group, Inc.

At the Kraft Group, we believe our clients flourish in an environment free from shame and judgment.

We recognized a need for an alternative to traditional Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP’s) and provide customized treatment, urine screens, individual, group and family sessions. We provide an alternative for those who require intensive treatment but are not comfortable with the traditional model. We can customize treatment to meet each client and families schedule and confidentiality needs.