Family Therapy

Family Therapy


Many families need a place to come together to find positive ways to communicate and work through issues. Therapy is oftentimes the only place it’s possible to get the whole family together to discuss problems in s safe and controlled environment. Therapy serves as a forum to allow each family member to feel heard and have their needs respected in order to work towards conflict resolution and direction. Insight and willingness to make changes can create the space to value one another and built unity within the family. The work done in therapy is intended to translate into daily life by improving communication, building empathy between family members, setting and maintaining realistic boundaries, building respect, and improving relationships.

Family Therapy is a solution-focused primarily short-term approach to provide a space where a family system can converse and express concerns in a non-judgmental environment. Concerns may include mental health conditions, transitional periods within the family such as divorce, behavioral issues such as addiction, etc., that impacts the entire family. Family therapy is designed to assist in communication, problem solving, and coping skills to promote collaboration and equality within the system.

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The Kraft Group, Inc.

At the Kraft Group, we believe our clients flourish in an environment free from shame and judgment.

We provide an alternative for those who require intensive treatment but are not comfortable with the traditional model. We can customize treatment to meet each client and families schedule and confidentiality needs.


As many of you have been getting inundated with emails about COVID-19 we received a very helpful one which actually helps to reduce anxiety.

We were granted permission by The Meadows to share it with the public.