First Responders

First responders are the individuals we utilize when in a crisis or an emergency situation. Therefore, our first responders are subjected to many instances of dangerous or traumatic circumstances.

At the Kraft Group Inc., we assist in supporting first responders with needs specific to their roles in the community.

Some common symptoms include anxiety, depression, sleep challenges, nightmares, substance use and other challenges after continued exposure to chaotic situations.

We tend to see a societal pressure for first responders to be invincible, which unfortunately, can be a barrier to first responders receiving beneficial services to support overall mental and physical health. Our therapists at the Kraft Group Inc., are trauma informed and certified in Crisis Intervention Team training where they were privileged to participate directly with first responders to better understand their specific work culture. Our goal is to foster an environment for first responders to address their strengths, challenges and emotions to support coping with stress and continuing their honorable work in the community.

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