Substance Abuse Treatment

The root of all addiction is pain. At The Kraft Group we don't just treat the addiction, we treat the underlying pain.

Addictions can affect every part of an individual’s life, from their personal and professional relationships to their finances, well-being, and safety.

Stopping addictive behavior is how one becomes sober but it is not enough to be in recovery. The Kraft Group is known for its dedication to assisting individuals and families maintain long term recovery by teaching them how to identify the underlying issues enabling the addiction and how to cope with difficult situations and emotions of everyday life and stress.

The Kraft Group understands that addiction is not the problem; it’s a symptom or side effect of an underlying issue. Substance abuse is often used to cope with past traumas or current struggles. We are ready to help you discover, investigate and confront the issues that have contributed to your addiction while steering you towards a long and lasting recovery. Our desire is to give you the skills and awareness you need to take control over your own happiness and enjoy your life without the aid of drugs or alcohol.

The Kraft Group also treats family members of addicts, oftentimes the forgotten population in addiction treatment. We provide support and education without labeling and remove blame and shame from the equation. We provide both individual and family counseling and coaching to help all family members deal with the struggle of addiction. The Kraft Group provides a vision for the future rather than keeping people stuck in the past. Call us today to move forward into a future worth celebrating.

What are signs of addiction or substance abuse?

  • Feeling that you have to use the drug or alcohol regularly — this can be daily or even several times a day
  • Having intense urges for alcohol or the drug
  • Over time, needing more of the drug, or more drinks, to get the same effect
  • Making certain that you maintain a supply of the drug
  • Spending money on the drug, even though you can't afford it
  • Not meeting obligations and work responsibilities, or cutting back on social or recreational activities because of drug use
  • Doing things to get the drug that you normally wouldn't do, such as stealing
  • Driving or doing other risky activities when you're under the influence of the drug or alcohol
  • Focusing more and more time and energy on getting and using the drug
  • Failing in your attempts to stop drinking or using the drug
  • Experiencing withdrawal symptoms when you attempt to stop taking the drug

The highly-trained and compassionate therapists at The Kraft Group will help you to:

  • Identify stressors that may prompt relapse
  • Find support in your recovery
  • Identify and resolve the underlying issues fueling your addiction
  • Address any co-occurring issues or disorders
  • Develop and sustain healthy recovery skills
  • Find tools and strategies that make every day life more manageable
  • Promote a healthy sense of self
  • Build a healthier support system

Are you or a loved one struggling with a substance abuse? We are ready to help you through this difficult time. Call today.

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